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Find Your Ring Size


Take a piece of dental floss or string and wrap it around your toe or finger where you would like the ring to rest. Be sure the floss makes a complete circle. Mark the exact location where the floss intersects. Line your string up to a flat millimetre ruler and record your measurement. This number will be your first measurement.

Repeat these steps using the widest part of your toe (toe pad, directly under your toe nail) You should get two different measurements for your order. Put those two measurements in the "notes" when you check out and we will convert it to a ring size! It's that easy! Don't worry if you get the size wrong, we send a free ring sizer with every first purchase. If you'd like to purchase the ring sizer before hand, it's only $1 plus shipping.  


Ring Sizer Just $1.00 Plus Shipping! 

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