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        How do I know my size?

        Ring Sizing:

  1. Wrap a "measurement tool" (i.e., a piece of string, dental floss, grocery twist tie, thread, or strip of paper) around your toe, finger or thumb at the location where you will wear the ring. Mark the "measurement tool" where the two pieces meet. This will be the first measurement.

  2. If you have a much wider tip of toe or area on the finger (such as a knuckle) that the ring needs to slip over to lay in the right place, take another "measurement tool" and measure the widest area.   Again, marking the "tool" where the two pieces meet together. That will be your second measurement. 

  3. Take the "measurement tool" and lay it flat on a millimeter ruler and obtain the millimeter readings or inch readings.  Converting inches to millimeters would be helpful. Included below are links (working at time published here) that provide an online millimeter ruler and a conversion calculator (inches/millimeter) that you may find useful.    

  4. For TOE RINGS: sizes 3 through 4 1/2 are the most common size.  Sizes 2 & 2 12 are smaller and worn by less people, but still worn.  Size 5 through Size 6 are large toe rings.  Windex or lotion will help to slide a toe ring over the wider tip of the toe (you don't choose a ring size for the tip of the toe, you select a ring size for the area where the ring will be worn).

  5. For FINGERS: sizes 6 through 8 are very common.  With THUMB RINGS being larger (sometimes sizes 7 through 11).  Windex or lotion will help to slide a ring over a wider knuckle.

  6. If you wear a MIDI Ring or a KNUCKLE Ring, these are normally smaller and worn a little snugger than regular rings.  You don't want to loose them when washing your hands.

  7. Size Chart - ROUND UP:

          Inches      Millimeters RING SIZE

    1.53  (1 1/2 inches)39 mm - 40 mm1

    1.5841 mm1 1/2 

    1.6342 mm2

    1.6843 mm2 1/2

    1.7444 mm - 45 mm3

    1.7946 mm3 1/2

    1.8447 mm4

    1.8948 mm4 1/2

    1.9449 mm - 50 mm 5

    1.99  (2 inches)51 mm5 1/2

    2.0452 mm 6

    2.0953 mm - 54 mm 6 1/2

    2.1555 mm 7

    2.2056 mm - 57 mm 7 1/2

    2.25  (2 1/2 inches)58 mm 8

    2.2959 mm 8 1/2

    2.3560 mm 9

    2.4061 mm - 62 mm 9 1/2

    2.4563 mm10

    2.50  ( 2 1/2 inches)64 mm10 1/2

    2.5665 mm11

    2.6166 mm11 1/2

    2.6667 mm - 68 mm12


Ring sizing tools (other website tools):

  1. Millimeter Ruler....CLICK HERE (opens in new window).

  2.  International Ring Sizing Chart (opens in a new window).

  3. Inches to Millimeter Calculator (opens in a new window).

What is a fitted toe ring?

They're full circle toe rings. Not open in the back. So, they're not going to pinch, dig or fall off. You can wear them year round, in any shoe. You can go swimming without loosing them.

What are they made of?

They're hand-made of Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold-Filled, 14kt Rose Gold-Filled or 14Kt Gold

How do I put them on?

Since they're not open in the back, a lot of people wonder how to get them over the pad of your toe. There's a little secret... Windex. As funny as it sounds it works like a charm. Spray a little on your toe and slide it right on. 

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